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Vacuum packing machine
Category:Dynamics    2016-09-28 14:14
Vacuum packaging can reduce the oxygen content of the bag. Fruit sparse through the anaerobic respiration produce carbon dioxide, and maintain certain humidity. This hypoxia, high carbon dioxide and high humidity environment can effectively reduce fruit transpiration, and reduce sparse respiration, reduce ethylene production and nutrient consumption, and ultimately achieve the purpose of preservation.
There are many packing machine supplier in China. Vacuum packaging machine can reduce the evaporation of water, control the food due to water loss caused by condensation, curing phenomenon. And for meat, the vacuum packaging can remove oxygen, which can inhibit mold, aerobic bacteria growth and development, inhibition of oil composition oxidation, control Food deterioration, to fresh, shelf-life purpose.
Vacuum packaging of fresh meat, due to meat tissue respiration and microbial activity, which the oxygen into carbon dioxide, the accumulation of carbon dioxide can inhibit the proliferation of Pseudomonas, played the role of fresh beef.

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