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Work principle for automatic shrink packaging machine
Category:Dynamics    2017-05-10 15:32
Automatic shrink packaging machine is a highly automated equipment, and now the product is widely used in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage and home industry and other industries when they get from packing machine supplier in China. Here are the basic information for the work principle for that.
The application of shrink machine can greatly reduce the use of box packaging materials and labor costs, has important economic significance. Automatic shrink packaging machine is a combination of pneumatic components and mechanical devices, by the plc and other peripheral lines control the automatic packaging equipment. The actuator is the actuator. By the two-way five-way solenoid valve for the wholesale inkjet printing machine to control its forward and backward. The working position of the cylinder is detected by the magnetic switch and the proximity switch and fed back to the plc, and the plc is controlled by the plc through the program to control the operation of the cylinder.
Now for the high quality filling machine, it is time for us to get to know better for the work principle for that so that we could know it better. 

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