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Switch failure of the packaging machine
Category:Dynamics    2017-05-15 16:07
We would be feel not so good if there is something wrong for the working machine, like the packaging machine from packing machine supplier in China. Recently, my friend talked with me about the switch failure for the packaging machine and I think it is good for us to know it.
The shrink machine has five proximity switches. Three for knife protection, and two for controlling the upper and lower membrane release motor. Which is used to control the knife protection, and occasionally a second mis-operation, it will interrupt the normal operation of the process, and because the number of failures occur less time is short, to the fault analysis, troubleshooting to bring some difficulties. The typical performance of the fault for the wholesale inkjet printing machine is that the falling of the fender is not in place and is automatically raised. The reason for the failure is that the fender is not in the process of falling into the packaging, and the fuselage close to the switch to lose the signal, contact with the guard board to the same packaging, the melter automatically return up.
Fault repair method, the fuse of the high quality filling machine can be close to the switch in parallel to install a switch with the same type, double switch in parallel to work to improve its reliability.

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