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Solenoid valve failure for packaging machine
Category:Dynamics    2017-05-18 14:49
Solenoid valve failure is mainly for the cylinder which does not move or not reset, said by packing machine supplier in China because the cylinder solenoid valve can not be reversed or channeling gas.
If the solenoid valve channeling gas, due to the access to the gas road, the machine's air pressure can not reach the working pressure, knife and beam rise is not in place. Knife beam protection proximity switch does not work, the whole machine running the prerequisite is not established, the wholesale inkjet printing machine can not run, it is easy to confuse with electrical failure. Solenoid valve channel gas there are leaks, listen carefully to the sound source and hand search for leaks, the general can easily find the channeling of the solenoid valve.
We should solve these problems for the high quality filling machine until they work for us.

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