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Diversification of packaging machine equipment
Category:Dynamics    2017-05-26 09:46
China's rapid economic growth in the fast-growing consumer market is not only reflected in the quantity, quality, variety, but also narrow the gap from packing machine supplier in China with the western consumer market often in food, beverages, consumers can be expected.
Modern food packaging industry in the development process, can be divided into three levels: in order to meet the needs of storage and transportation, to meet the needs of production, cost control, to meet the different needs of consumption habits. Observed in the Chinese market of the wholesale inkjet printing machine due to many factors, you can see most of the food packaging must stay in cost control. In the future development trend, packaging, packaging equipment, a single function (60 ~ 180 bags per minute / min) and the speed of the main treatment / and other / two layers of diversified packaging equipment installation technology combined with the development direction, flexible and final The goal is to "scale in the business to meet the diverse needs of the market."
So for the high quality filling machine, diversification would apply to meet users’ requirements. 

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