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Full-automatic self-adhesive square bottle labeling machine

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TNZ-120 Automatic self-adhesive labeling machine is mainly used in food, pharmacy, daily chemicals, pesticide, chemical industry 
products, can stick two-side label and one side label, whole machine use SS304 and aluminum alloy. Labeling head use stepping 
motor or servo motor drive, electric eye choose Japan advanced photoelectric, use PLC programmable control and has automatic 
conveying, automatic bottle separating, automatic bottle guiding, photo electricity detection bottle, label-sending, labeling accurate 
and speed fast.
主要技术参数 main technical parameter    
1.生产能力           Capacity:                   ≤7200瓶/小时(b/h)     
2.标签高度            applicable label height:         40-180mm   
3.标签长度               applicable label length:       40-140mm    
4.贴标精度                labeling precision :         ±1mm      
5.贴标速度                labeling speed:            0-30米/分钟(m/min)     
6.电源电压                  voltage:              AC220V,50/60Hz  
7.总功率                    total power:           2kw       
8.机器净重                 net weight:             450kg                                    
9.外形尺寸                   dimension:             2000(L)×1200(W)×1400(H)mm        

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