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Full-automatic lorizontal bag packing machine

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The machine absorbing foreign advanced technology, using the bag first, then  working process of the packaging, the machine adopts microcomputer PLC  programmable control, photoelectric sensor, adopt servo motor to feeding , the filling way can use metering pump, piston cylinder, measuring cup different ways, accurate measurement, can be used in the three edge sealing and four  edge-sealing aluminium film bag packaged products. This machine can be double bag small measuring packaging, can make the packaging more quickly. 
Equipment widely used in food, medicine, pesticide, daily chemical industry such as powder, liquid, particulate bag packaging.
主要技术参数 main technical parameter    
  1. 生产能力                          Capacity           单联袋 single bag:40-80袋/分钟(bag/min) 
                                                      双联袋 double bag:80-150袋/分钟(bag/min)
2.灌装容量                       volume                 单联袋 single bag:200g    
                                                       双联袋 double bag:50g    
3.计量精度                     precision              ±1.5% 
4.包装袋最大                   maximum bag          单联袋 single bag:180(W)×225(H)mm 
                                                     双联袋 double bag:90(W)×125(H)mm   
5.包装袋最小                    minimum bag             单联袋 single bag:85(W)×100(H)mm   
                                                        双联袋 double bag:60(W)×70(H)mm    
6.包装卷膜最大直径              maximum film-roll diameter       Φ500mm 
7.包装膜卷孔留内径力                roll's interior diameter            Φ70-80mm    
8.总功率                           power                 4.5kw
9.电源电压                         voltage               AC380V 50/60Hz 
10.机器净重                       net weight                 1080kg   
11.外形尺寸                       dimension                3550(L)×950(W)×2300(H)mm

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